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Professor Ian Atkinson (Data Source Administrator,

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Andrew White (

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JCU Tropical Data Hub

James Cook University

Project Description

The TDH portal ( is JCU's first venture into the realm of centralized data/metadata storage for research data. It has been useful in establishing cross-divisional communication on research data/metadata, involving researchers, the library, research services and the information technology services unit. Many challenges remain but a starting point has been established. This project has introduced a central place for researchers to deposit their data and create the metadata. Prior to this project, it was the responsibility of individual researchers to source a suitable storage location for their data and typically this was on JCU internal infrastructure that precluded easy sharing of data with people outside JCU. Central, open storage of metadata will make it easier to discover what research is happening within the university, opening another avenue for discovering cross-disciplinary research opportunities.

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