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SMART's Multi-Utility Dashboard - Infrastructure Analytics for Integrative Research

University of Wollongong

Project Description

This is an ANDS project located in the research/policy fields of Public Policy, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Planning.

Regional development is becoming a crucial component of a more sustainable and productive Australia but there is no readily accessible data to support evidence-based decisions, hence this project was important to provide them with a user friendly dashboard that could easily interface with their data requests.

This project has attempted to bring together often hidden and poorly articulated data sets, whilst creating a reliable data warehouse and visualizing relevant information to support cross-services cross-agencies infrastructure data analysis.

By bringing together Business Information and GIS technologies, sitting on top of a fit-for-purpose data warehousing structure, this project has created a semi-automatic Extract-Transform-Loading process to integrate data from various sources in various forms.

This is the first regional infrastructure dashboard in Australia. Other regions are already interested. The dashboard effectively integrated data about regional demographic profiles, social-environmental indicators, infrastructure utility and infrastructure service networks.

Our users have gained a more integrated, transparent and efficient regional planning process from this software product.

Whilst our current system has access restrictions, these are mainly due to the primary data providers and their data agreements and the portal subscribers themselves.

The dashboard can be found at:

Research Champions:

Greg Allen - Sydney Water

Ty Christopher - Endeavour Energy

Martin Tomko - AURIN

Policy Champions:

Sandra Belanszky - Wollongong Council

Nick Feneley - Shellharbour Council

Isabelle Ghetti - Shoalhaven Council

Data Type:

Input Data:
Illawarra demonstrator: water and electricity consumption, solid waste and sewage generation, private and public transport usage at LGA, postcode and CCD levels. NSW Dashboard: same as above plus any other relevant utility for which data is available for public display at a given level of aggregation.

Output Data:
Average water use per suburb Average sewage flow per suburb Average travel to work per suburb Average travel mode per suburb Average energy use per suburb Average rail capacity per suburb Average solid wastes per suburb Carbon emission per suburb (calc) Virtual water use per suburb (calc) Demographics per suburb Socio-eco distribution per suburb Same as above per household

High Level Software Functionality:

The SMART Infrastructure Facility will develop a 'multi-utility dashboard' that will offer infrastructure analytics based on data provided by public agencies and private operators. The online dashboard will allow analysts to develop new insights into spatial, technical, social and economic issues associated with regional and urban infrastructure development.