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Neal Anderson (Project Manager,

Justin Chang (Business Analyst,

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Mingfang Wu (

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BMRI Application

University of Sydney

Project Description

The aim of the project was to integrate various (a) imaging, (b) neurological & electrophysiological testing data and (c) clinical data for the purpose of providing a refined answer to complex research questions that was not previously possible using the separately existing (and expanding) data sets across the clinical research programs at BMRI making use of brain scans.

The project provided an integration tool for the multiple data sets and data points within those data sets and developed an analytical tool for interrogating the data in response to specific research questions. For example, researchers at the BMRI are trying to establish if there is a characteristic pattern that emerges from MRI structural imaging data and a specific electrophysiological component that predicts with some degree of accuracy a clinical phenotype, such as depression in young people.

The system developed through this project provides an integrated research data set to be expanded and used for future research projects. An additional objective was to integrate contributions to the data set from other clinical researchers and to make the larger data set available through research collaborations which was achieved by linking to the National Imaging Facility (NIF) via the DARIS application and has also enabled a University of Sydney wide imaging platform.

The outcomes of the project will provide data and an analysis platform for the development of information based diagnostic and treatment response algorithms for young people with major mental health problems like depression and psychotic disorders, as well as ageing subjects.

Research Champion:

Associate Professor Jim Lagopoulos
The Brain & Mind Research Institute, BMRI

Data Type:

Input Data:
- Analysed MRI data consisting of 10s of millions of files - Neuropsychology testing data - Electro-physiological testing data - Clinical data

High Level Software Functionality:

The project has provided a software solution covering the following functionality:

1. Integrate large and sometimes disparate data sets held in SPSS and provide a platform to enable data transformation and analysis by authorised parties.

2. Provide an analytical tool for interrogating the data in response to research questions (of the type discussed above).

3. In cases where a research subject is under clinical care, and research findings may provide additional diagnostic support, provide mechanisms for communicating findings to the clinician.


920401 Behaviour and Health
920408 Health Status (e.g. Indicators of Well-being)
920410 Mental Health
920413 Social Structure and Health