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Project Members:

Peter Doherty (Project Manager,

Natasha Carter (Developer,

Nick dos Remedios (Developer,

Miles Nicolls (Data Analyst,

ANDS Contact:

Stefanie Kethers (

Project Status:

In Progress

Bird Species Distribution Project - Atlas of Living Australia Component


Project Description:

This project set out to deliver re-usable data services in collaboration with and for use by the ANDS AP03 project (studying the impact of climate change on bird distributions). In summary, the project delivered assistance to James Cook University in their delivery of an online tool that allows users to view current observations and distribution maps for Australian bird species, as well as view predicted future distributions taking into account climate change.

Assistance was provided in the form of:

  1. ensuring the Atlas systems (web services) could deliver data to AP03. Data included locality information held by ALA available to AP03,
  2. new data quality control/cleansing services over the data as defined with project AP03, and
  3. new web services allowing for ingestion of feedback and additional locality information from AP03 into the ALA records.

See also and other posts for details.

Research Champion:

Jeremy VanDerWal
Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change Research
James Cook University

Data Type:

Input Data:
Primary locality information for species (ALA) Business rules for assessing data quality and providing automated data cleansing of species distribution data Climate data (JCU) Aditional locality information (JCU)

Output Data:
Higher quality species distribution data following data cleansing Primary locality information for species

High Level Software Functionality:

Java, Spring MVC, Grails web application technology; Tomcat and Apache web servers; Web services utilising JSON, XML and REST technologies;