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Lee Baumgartner (Project Manager,

Karl Pomorin (Contractor,

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Fishing for outcomes: Enhancing access to fish migration data in South East Australia

Charles Sturt University

Project Description

FishNet is a centralised database for the collection and management of passive integrated transponder (PIT) data acquired from tagged wild fish as they migrate upstream and downstream throughout many rivers in Eastern & Southern Australia. The data in FishNet is updated on a daily or weekly basis from sites that are equipped with automated PIT detection systems. The detection systems, located in QLD, NSW, Victoria, SA and ACT, uniquely identify every individual tagged fish and record the time/date as fish move through a detection zone. The fish detections provide a sizeable data-stream which is fed directly into FishNet. The database provides detailed information and analysis on fish movement which is presently utilised by scientists and managers to make informed decisions regarding river health and operations across eastern Australia.

Charles Sturt University will partner and sub-contract an SME, KarlTek Pty Ltd, to extend accessibility to the cloud-based FishNet research database. FishNet is a national collaboration among multiple research institutes and government agencies to house and manage fish migration data. Construction of the database was funded solely by KarlTek Pty Ltd and data collection activities are being coordinated by Charles Sturt University in collaboration with state fisheries agencies and other universities. The database is widely considered to be world-class gold standard in terms of fish migration data. It is cloud-based, and can be accessed from any internet-connected device via standard web browsers. The database has over 50 million data points, with detection stations based in every eastern Australian state and territory (and is currently being rolled out into Western Australia). But at present, access is restricted to university academics and state researchers.

Tasks to be completed in the project:
- Create an industry interface which can allow access to water industry representatives (SA Water, Water NSW, South East Queensland Water and Goulburn-Murray Water). This task would generate access to up to 800 staff within the water industry.
- Summary data for one data site along the Murray River will be made openly available