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Ivan C. Hanigan (Project Lead,

Fay H. Johnston (Project Member,

Geoffery G. Morgan (Project Member,

Grant J. Williamson (Project Member,

Farhad Salimi (Project Member,

Sarah B. Henderson (Project Member,

Murray Turner (Team Leader, Research And Information Services Team,

Kathleen Cobcroft (Cataloguing And Metadata Librarian,

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The Biomass Smoke Validated Events Database

University of Canberra

Project Description

Biomass burning is the combustion of organic matter, either from natural or manmade fires. Exposure to smoke from biomass burning is a contributor to morbidity and mortality in groups susceptible to the health effects of smoke. Epidemiological studies of the health effects of biomass smoke events, such as bushfires, prescribed burning for land management purposes, and wood-heater smoke spikes, have been hindered by a lack of available datasets that explicitly list the locations and dates of pollution events from these sources.

The Biomass Smoke Validated Events Database is an open and extensible data collection recording historical spikes in air pollution and validation of whether they were caused by vegetation fire smoke or by other possible sources. This project seeks to enhance the discoverability of this data collection that provides researchers with the ability to study statistical associations between these pollution spikes and health outcomes around those days.

FOR Codes:
1117 Public Health and Health Services (111705 Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety)
0502 Environmental Science and Management (050206 Environmental Monitoring)