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Dr Jenny Ostini (Principal Investigator,

Tegan Darnell (Research Librarian,

Leonie Sherwin (Manager, Research Support,

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Kathryn Unsworth (

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USQ: Digital Lives: Everyday Digital Literacies

University of Southern Queensland

Project Description

A collection of audio interviews and transcripts from a digital literacy narratives study. The data collection underpins research that examines how people (and in this case, teenage girls) get, and share knowledge in a digital world. The research focuses on the production, consumption, use, and transformation of knowledge, and social change in digital environments. It questions how technology influences people’s everyday lives so as to inform ways in which individual and community wellbeing can be increased through new ways of doing things. There is an examination of the expected as well as the unexpected and surprising impacts on people’s lived experiences of technology.

The open-ended interview design allows the participants to tell their story through free and open responses. The transcripts are presented as a narrative rather than an interview in order to emphasise the stories being told.

The initial dataset comprises interviews with 15 and 16 year old schoolgirls in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, collected in 2014/2015 as part of a research project seeking to understand girls’ everyday experiences and use of computers and other digital technologies.

Data Type:

Audio interviews and transcripts


200102 Communication Technology and Digital Media Studies