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Project Members:

Paddy Tobias (Project Manager,

A/P Nick Reid (Lead Researcher)

ANDS Contact:

Alan Glixman (

Project Status:


Ngan’gi Language Collection

University of New England

Project Description

The data collection that will be the subject of this project will be video and audio recordings, transcripts, images and metadata of the Ngan’gi people from the Daly River region in the Northern Territory made by UNE linguist researcher A/P Nick Reed. Ethics and consent has been collected by Nick Reed to share these materials.

The aim of the project will be to make the data available through a local repository and discoverable via the local institutional research data catalog system (Redbox) and also via the national PARADISEC system and via ANDS' Research Data Australia catalogue.

The local repository platform will need to be built. There is a current website but this is not suited for research use. One potential CMS system for doing this might be the Open Source software Murkutu as this is a development platform designed for use by anthropologists and is good at managing culturally sensitive data. The system can capture Traditional Knowledge Labels (

Making the data available and gaining advice through AIATSIS would be worth exploring.