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Adrian Gallagher (Project Director,

Rosemary Calder (Chief Investigator,

Rebecca Lindberg (Research Coordinator,

Hazel Fetherston (Project Officer,

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Richard Ferrers (

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Australia's Health Tracker

Victoria University

Collaborator(s): Torrens University

Project Description

VU Library, in collaboration with Australian Health Policy Collaboration (Victoria University) and the Public Health Information Development Unit (Torrens University), are working to enhance Australian data collection and reporting on chronic disease. This data will be used to help prevent and better manage diseases such as cancer, stroke and diabetes, which now impact 1 in every 2 Australians. The project, "Australia’s Health Tracker by Area", aims to make data available, including maps showing disease incidents by region, and report progress on prevention and reduction targets set for the year 2025. Local areas will be able to identify their regions progress against the targets and compare their performance with other regions. In addition, the data can show where attention can be best directed to support programs and policies for health.