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PHP, Drupal

Project Members:

Joanne Morris (Project Manager,

Kim Keogh (Developer,

Jeroen van den Muyzenberg (Developer,

Joanne Morris (Data Source Administrator,

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Andrew White (

Smart Water

Griffith University

Project Description:

"Water end use study, data capture from instruments, reporting on domestic water use.
A software system was built to collect data from remote smart water meters and integrate it into related data sets obtained from other sources and use metadata to describe the data used and the cross-relationships between data. The system will be used to build and integrate data sets to explore patterns of water use, the data sets, descriptions and mega-processes developed .

There has been and will continue to be an enormous generation of data every week from 250+ homes. Previous to SMIP, we could not access the data readily and it required a convoluted and time consuming approach. The development of the SMIP has allowed us to manage our data in a more streamlined, standardised and confidential manner.

This project developed and delivered the Smart Meter Information Portal which stores and processes all total water consumption data downloaded from 250+ homes that are being metered and logged as part of the South east Queensland Residential End Use Study (SEQREUS).

We have delivered a baseline and final report (160 pages) on the SEQREUS of which sections of this report have relied on total water consumption data provided by the SMIP. The main advantage of the SMIP is its ability to choose the type of data required (i.e. litre per household per day) for which every region (Brisbane/Ipswich etc.) for whichever time period desired. This information (delivered in graphical output and downloadable csv file format) has streamlined the management of data and also improved the ability to interrogate the data for specific outcomes such as developing a timeline of total water consumption for all homes over the two year period. This is something that is of great importance to water businesses and researchers alike as we can see the peak water use days and then develop water end use charts for these days.

The SMIP has and will, continue to allow us to deliver a number of outputs to other organisations such as the work produced in the Final SEQREUS report. Further, the other organisations such as water utilities and State government water departments can have levels of access to the SMIP that will allow them to access data for their water demand forecasting work. The access to this real-time water consumption data is of great interest to the water businesses and this has been a critical feature in their financial support in continuing on this SEQREUS work.

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