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Manual Entry Forms (usually web-based metadata entry interfaces)

Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Integration collection records

party records and activity records which may be external to an institution

Metadata Store Solutions

Metadata Feed/Harvest/Publish

Data Repository Solutions

Data Access Control

Project Members:

Salim Taleb (Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Mathew Wyatt (

Project Status:


Curtin deployment and configuration of Institutional Metadata Repository and Research Data Portal

Curtin University of Technology

Project Description:

For the institution, research data is recognized as an asset that requires adequate management. However, the challenges surrounding research data can be different to other assets and therefore should be explored in greater detail. Additionally, the institution has to comply with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and funder requirements, which are starting to recognize data as an output of the research project on par with publications. For researchers data storage and management has always been one of the great challenges of conducting research. Many researchers are aware of the importance of proper data management for the purposes of effective research management and compliance with policies, procedures and funding requirements.Some researchers also recognize that effective research data management during the lifetime of research projects can assist in data dissemination, which can subsequently enhance collaboration and research impact.

High Level Software Functionality:

1. Development of an online Data Management Planning tool with accompanying training
2. Development of a tool that helps researchers publishes data descriptions to an
institutional Metadata Hub.
3. Deployment of an institutional Metadata Hub.
4. Development of training material on research data management.
5. Engagement with researchers. This included gathering sample collections metadata to
provide a real example of the specific metadata elements that might need consideration.