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Project Members:

Dr Mark Kosten (Data Source Administrator,

Conal Tuohy (Lead Developer,

Daniel Tosello (Developer,

A/Prof. Paul Pigram (Research Officer,

Dr Mark Kosten (Data Source Administrator,

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Xiaobin Shen (

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CMSS RLI Metadata Capture and Publication

La Trobe University

Project Description:

The major outcome from the researchers' point of view is that the system provides a facility to store their datasets, describe them, and easily share them online, with persistent identifiers so that they can be cited conveniently. Prior to the project, datasets acquired on CMSS instruments were stored locally, and the associated metadata recorded in traditional paper logs. Consequently, neither were easily accessible to ""stakeholders"" outside the group, and revisiting old data required traditional (i.e., manual) searching.

Secondly, the system has provided a platform for the CMSS to publish data acquired from several standard materials. These datasets are now available to other researchers for comparison with their own data on these materials, as well as others derived from them. Having access to a complete dataset, rather than the limited information provided in current free-access databases, or in journal articles, will allow researchers a more comprehensive comparison and analysis of their data.

Finally, the system is able to expose these datasets to the wider world through the Research Data Australia portal.

Data Type:

XPS (elemental identity, chemical state, quantity of an element) TOF-SIMS (chemical comopsition, distribution of chemical species, thin film charachteristics) - images

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: "Project Management Plan:
- Data repositories
- Automated delivery of XPS and ToF-SIMS/KRATOS data output into repository
- Automated conversion of instrumental datasets from proprietary to open format
- Automated ingest into repository
- Metadata capture
- Automated extraction of metadata from instrumental datasets
- Extraction of administrative and experimental metadata from instrumental booking facility
- Data entry interface for manual enhancement of metadata using authority control system
- Description of reference standard spectra for inclusion in repository