Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

"meters on lizards (number of steps, ambient temperature and light conditions / 2 mins) GPS unit (location / 10 min, if a lizard moves) Up to 1000 collections from 2009 to 2011 "

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Project Members:

Grant Jackson (Lead Developer,

Professor Michael Bull (Data Source Administrator,

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Andrew Williams (

Automated measurement of the responses of wildlife populations to climate change

Flinders University

Project Description:

"This ANDS project has caused the university to consider practical aspects of research data storage regarding copyright, access rights and storage of public and restricted file-based research datasets. Although data management policy seems likely to remain unchanged, practical guidelines are likely to adapt as curators and researchers find themselves in new situations with respect to research data. This project has been a stimulus to consider those issues.
The particular project has enhanced the effectiveness of the research data for appropriate analyses. Specifically it has delivered more efficient cleaning software for data files collected from lizard data loggers. The software has made the task of collating datasets from 60 lizards each year more streamlined and more accurate, and will therefore allow the research team to focus more on core research activities in future.
The project has also delivered a solution for storage of the lizard data files. This will allow much more effective data sharing among the current group of researchers, and among others who follow in the project. It will also allow us to give easy access to external collaborators, and to other researchers who would like to incorporate the data in their own analytical programs. Similar solutions are available and will be promoted to other Flinders researchers for their file-based datasets. In addition the project has been a catalyst for other storage solutions which will be available in the near future and can meet the requirements of Flinders researchers with larger storage capacity requirements.
Finally the creation of a university wide metadata store and the automatic transfer of data to the national register (visible at Research Data Australia) will allow the existence of lizard and other research datasets to be discoverable globally and therefore benefit a wider research community."

Data Type:

"Animal Climate"

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: "Metadata and Flinders University institutional
research metadata store
Lizard data and Flinders University institutional research data repository";
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