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DaRIS, Mediaflux

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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

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Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre (MNC) Bioinformatics Development Project

University of Melbourne

Collaborator(s): VeRSI

Project Description

Final: The Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre (MNC) has 270+ publications resulting from datasets stored in the MNC database. The project resulted in the description and publication of metadata about a number of these datasets, with an expected 5+ being registered each year in the future. The aims of this project were to facilitate the documentation of dataset segments, to implement a software solution to capture metadata, and to export metadata about collections to the University of Melbourne metadata registry (VITRO) for harvest by Research Data Australia (RDA).

The MNC previously recorded information about research data sets using MS Excel. This specific ANDS DC project led to the development and implementation of functionality for harvesting metadata records describing research data stored in the newly implemented MNC MediaFlux repository into the Australian Research Data Commons via the University’s metadata registry.

In close collaboration with the ANDS DC project, the MNC have achieved this aim by implementing the following software:

• Mediaflux – a commercial repository tool

• The Distributed and Reflective Informatics System (DaRIS) - a research data management system based on Mediaflux)

• ANDS funded functionality for exporting metadata in the RIF-CS format for ingest into the University’s Vivo based Research Data Registry. This RIF-CS export functionality was developed through other University of Melbourne ANDS data capture projects and has been successfully repurposed for this project.

Initial: "The MNC has one of the largest databases of brain scans and associated neuropsychiatric research data in the world. It has National and International collaborators using and contributing to the database. Broadly ANDS-related activities will involve:

- Building a workflow for automatic documentation of dataset segments used in individual studies and publications. This will include researchers, datasets, associated projects and publications.

- Building a workflow for automating creation of citable persistent identifiers for unique studies and linking with publications.

- Building a software to automate capture of public facing metadata to University of Melbourne Registry which will deliver collections metadata to the ARDC.

- MNC has 270+ publications resulting from datasets stored in the MNC database. Completing the work above will result in ~ 100 dataset descriptions described in the ARDC by August 2011, with an expected 25+ being registered each year after that.


Data Type:

"brain scans and associated neuropsychiatric research data"

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: "PD: Deployed system that:
a. Extracts metadata from datasets in the MNC database.
b. Automatically enriches dataset with pre-print register metadata, and copyright/IP metadata, by connecting with those systems.
c. Allows extracted metadata to be enriched by user input.
d. Generates RIF-CS Collection, Party and Activity records from metadata.
e. Allows authorised external users to access datasets from MNC database, using a query builder.
f. Stores datasets in VITRO registry.
g. Allows users to develop advanced queries to find datasets.
h. Deposits RIF-CS metadata in VITRO registry for ARDC harvest, including Service descriptions.
i. Automatically assigns persistent identifiers to datasets where required.