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Data collections can be seen on:!/q=oztrack

Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

arrays of underwater, acoustic receivers

Software is available at:

Software categories:

Sensor Networks

Observational Instruments (e.g. from telescope



Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Integration collection records

party records and activity records which may be external to an institution

Metadata Feed/Harvest/Publish

Data Repository Solutions

Project Members:

Nigel Ward (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Andrew White (

Project Status:

In Progress

Aquatic Species Tracking Repository (Oz-Track)

University of Queensland

Project Description:

The ANDS funded OzTrack project aims to accelerate scientific research by creating a common approach to the management and analysis of large and diverse animal tracking datasets. The ability to predict the movement of animals (such as crocodiles, sharks, whales, birds, bats, lizards, cane toads, koalas, dingos as well as production livestock such as cattle, sheep) has a key role to play in environmental and marine conservation and management. It is also of critical importance to addressing environmental challenges including invasive species, infectious diseases, climate and land-use change. Electronic devices are revealing when, where and how animals travel, and how these movements relate to their environment. To date the vast majority of data from animal tracking studies undertaken throughout Australia are stored in small personal databases and inaccessible to the broader scientific community. OzTrack addresses the sheer scale and complexity of the data sets that make it difficult for many research groups to exploit the full potential of the data. The processing of telemetry data currently relies on a diversity of software and file formats. Data capture, data management and data analyses steps currently involve manual and time-consuming data manipulation and import/export to different software products. The integration of animal movement data with complementary environmental information (e.g., remote sensing data) presents additional technical and computing challenges.

Descriptions of these data collections have been syndicated to UQ Dataspace ( and to ANDS Research Data Australia (!/q=oztrack).

Data Type:

animal location data (lat, long, depth) as well as biological data (body temp) and environmental data (water temperatures, river heights/tidal flows and salinities)

High Level Software Functionality:

Features: "PD:
a) A platform is create to capture acoustic array data
b) Metadata will also be captured to support fine?grained, spatio?temporal (GIS/timeline)
discovery, decision?support and reuse
) A reference to the data will be included in research papers generated from the data
held in the collections";