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Data Repository Solutions

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Guy Tsafnat (Project Manager,

Rodney Harrison (Project Manager,

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Alan Glixman (

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An international antibiotic-resistance gene cassette database

University of New South Wales

Collaborator(s): Intersect

Project Description:

Software to allow researchers to contribute and find data on grammatically-defined bacterial gene cassettes

Data Type:

antibiotic resistance gene cassettes

High Level Software Functionality:

Deployed, tested and documented on-line web application, which uses the existing tool to identify gene cassettes from sequences submitted for annotation, that:
a) enables one to browse and explore the antibiotic resistance gene cassettes repository
b) enables one to find and identify newly sequenced gene cassettes in the antibiotic resistance gene cassettes repository
c) enables one to contribute new cassettes not in the antibiotic resistance gene cassettes repository
d) enables one to annotate sequences using the technology and knowledge base