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NMR spectrometer:

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Programming language(s):

Ruby on Rails

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Metadata Feed/Harvest/Publish

Data Repository Solutions

Data Access Control

Project Members:

Greg Leslie (Project Manager,

Rodney Harrison (Project Manager,

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Alan Glixman (

Project Status:


Data capture and integration across multiple platforms

University of New South Wales

Collaborator(s): Intersect Australia Ltd

Project Description:

The aim of this project was to establish an institutional research data management service that would enable the capture and curation of a diverse range of analytical data from instruments within UNSW. This project has not focused on a single research discipline or field but has been a collaboration between the Mark Wainright Analytical Centre, the Schools of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Medical Science, all of whom have contributed instruments now connected to the new data management service, named ACData.

The Mark Wainright Analytical Centre comprises major instrumental facilities used by researchers from Science, Engineering and Medicine faculties at UNSW. The facilities include instruments, such as microscopy, NMR, X-ray fluorescence and diffraction and proteomics mass spectrometry. Due to the diverse range of users who access the centre and their instruments, the Analytical Centre has been the hub of the project, including the NMR and spectroscopy instruments housed there. In addition to these instruments, Potentiostat instruments within the School of Chemistry, a Capillary Porometer from the School of Chemical Engineering and Slide Scanners from within the School of Medical Sciences have also been integrated within ACData.

Data Type:

Instruments currently connected to ACData : Bruker Avance 300 (Gyro) NMR, Bruker Avance III 300 Solid State (Pines) NMR, Bruker Avance III 400 (Gauss) NMR, Bruker Avance III 400 (New400) NMR, Bruker Avance III 500 (Hertz) NMR, Bruker Avance III 600 (Tesla) NMR, Bruker Avance III 700 (Felix) NMR, Bruker DPX 300 (Flip) NMR, Perkin Elmer Spotlight 400 FTIR, Nicolet Avatar 360 FTIR, Bruker IFS66 FTIR, PerkinElmer Lambda 35 UV-Visible Spectrometer, Perkin Elmer Ramanstation 400, Renishaw Invia Raman Microscope, Renishaw Raman RM1000 , Renishaw Raman RM2000 , CFP-1200-AEXL Capillary Flow Porometer, Autolab PGSTAT 12 Potentiostat, µAUTOLAB Potentiostat, SS6109 Slide Scanner,

High Level Software Functionality:

The primary functionality required for ACData to assist the research data management needs included;
• A web interface for researchers to be able to access and manage research data collected from instruments.
• Secure access using existing authentication credentials for UNSW and a moderation system for researchers to be provided access.
• The ability to manually upload data for the provided instruments.
• Where possible provide an automated ingestion process for instrument data.
• When importing data automatically extract all identifiable metadata and provide a method for additional metadata to be recorded.
• Provide a system for systematically managing and sorting the data that is sufficiently flexible to be applicable across a range of disciplines.
• Where applicable provide a visualisation of the uploaded data to assist users with its identification.
• Provide the ability to download the data or to share it with other repository systems such as The Membrane Research Environment (MemRE), The Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Research Data Australia (RDA).
• Allow users to provide data access to other ACData users, on either a read-only or a read-write basis.
• Provide administrators the ability to add additional instruments without the need for further software development