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Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

NCI computer platform

Programming language(s):

Java, LaRDS

Project Members:

Calvin Chow (Project Manager,

Virginia Gutierre (Project Manager,

Simon Yu (Lead Developer,

Dr Simon Clarke, Garreth Berry (SME), John Haynes (SME) (Research Officer, )

Anthony Beitz (Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:


Research Data Management of the Monash Weather Climate Program (Climate and Weather)

Monash University

Project Description:

Climate and Weather researchers, both at Monash University and in the wider research community, faced significant challenges due to the extremely large reference and simulation data sets required to do their work. Reference data sets provided by external sources are often so large they are obtained by having them copied to external hard drives and posted to the researcher. The data outcomes of the simulations run by researchers in this field are often enormous, and grow with each successive step of processing. Therefore some of the key data issues faced by Climate and Weather researchers are storage, access, sharing, publishing and reuse of research data.

The Climate and Weather Data Capture Project addresses these issues, supporting existing research and enabling Monash University Weather & Climate (MW&C) researchers to contribute to the work of evaluating the newly deployed Australian ACCESS climate model. The Climate and Weather Data Capture Solution provides the MW&C researchers with the ability to conduct more effective research based on exploiting existing data sets, creation and storage of new data sets and better collaborative research opportunities.

Data Type:

simulation data, with Australian ACCESS climate model

High Level Software Functionality: