Project Homepage:

Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

MX1 and MX2 beamlines (at the Australian Synchrotron)

Programming language(s):

Python, Metaman, LaRDS

Project Members:

Anitha Kannan (Project Manager,

Kim Linton (Senior Business Analyst,

Steve Androulakis (Lead Developer,

Anthony Beitz (Project Director,

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:


Biomedical Data Platform (Molecular Biology)

Monash University

Project Description:

The Biomedical Data Platform Data Capture solution, myTardis, is a multi-institutional collaborative venture that facilitates the archiving and sharing of data and metadata collected at major facilities such as the Australian Synchrotron and ANSTO, and also within Monash University and other institutions. The myTardis solution seamlessly facilitates the capture and annotation of datasets and exposes such data within searchable metadata stores like ANDS’ Research Data Australia.

The myTardis solution provides Protein Crystallographers with the ability to conduct more effective research based on exploiting existing data sets, creation and storage of new data sets and better collaborative research opportunities.

Data Type:

"biophysical protein analysis data protein crystallography data"

High Level Software Functionality:

- Capture and annotation of data
- The deposition of data across multiple research data repositories both Monash run and worldwide
- Combined exposing of such data with searchable metadata stores
- Automated processing of raw data images
- Publication of collection metadata to the Australian Research Data Commons";


06 Biological Sciences