Project Homepage:

Programming language(s):

Java, Fedora, Picasa

Project Members:

Calvin Chow (Project Manager,

Sindhu Emilda (Senior Developer,

Simon Yu (Lead Developer,

Steve Androulakis (Data Consultant,

Anthony Beitz (MeRC General Manager,

Andrew Harrison (Research Repository Librarian,

Michelle Rusiniak (ARROW Content Development Librarian,

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:


Tools for curating and publishing research data in the form of media collections (Multimedia Collections ARROW)

Monash University

Project Description:

The purpose of this project was to develop generic software tools to support the organisation of pre-existing digital data collections, particularly photographic data, into files and formats suitable for publication into institutional repositories and into other discovery services including Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

The solution delivered takes advantage of an existing widely used and freely available image management tool, Picasa. Additional functionality provided within Picasa provides the Library with the ability to generate files and formats suitable for upload into Monash's ARROW Repository. Through ARROW, photographic collections are made publicly available for search and harvest by Research Data Australia.

Overall, the solution provided by the Multimedia Collections and ARROW project has enhanced the library photographic collection curation process. This in turn supports research in areas that benefit from access to these photographic collections. Through ANDS funding and support the digital photographic data collections held by the Monash Library can easily been transformed in various ways.

Data Type:

photos, scans, simulations/animations and interviews

High Level Software Functionality:

the ability to create a collection
the ability to process original images
the ability to add descriptive metadata to files within the collection
the ability to create the collection within file(s) capable of being loaded into a Fedora based library repository (e.g. ARROW)
the ability import the collection into their Library repository
the ability to archive the original collection
the ability to search the collection for specific files on ARROW
the ability to view and/or download the collection files from ARROW"