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Programming language(s):

Java, LaRDS

Project Members:

Anitha Kannan (Project Manager,

Kim Linton (Senior Business Analyst,

Simon Yu (Lead Developer,

Anthony Beitz (Project Director,

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:


Capture and publication of Australian ecosystem data from a network of measurement sites (Ecosystem Measurements)

Monash University

Project Description:

Ecosystem research data was previously difficult to access and hampered the actual research and analysis of the data. The researchers faced significant data management challenges including variations in data cataloguing, inability to associate metadata to describe the data, manual data capture using physical storage mediums and data conversion issues.

The solution provided by the Ecosystem project has enhanced the research process and provided new research opportunities. This solution has benefited the OzFlux Community of Researchers by providing them with the ability to perform research at the national level using a single data management platform that brings together all Australian institutions doing Ecosystem research. The standardisation of data formatting has led to improved research efficiency, by reducing the time and effort spent on pre-analysis data preparation, thereby allowing the researchers to focus on the analysis of this data to derive research outcomes.