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Java, Picassa, Fedora, LaRDS

Project Members:

Calvin Chow (Project Manager,

Virginia Gutierre (Project Manager,

Simon Yu (Lead Developer,

Andrew Harrison (SME), Prof. Marika Vicziany (Research Officer, )

Anthony Beitz (Data Source Administrator,

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Xiaobin Shen (

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Capture and publication of data on the history of adoption (History of Adoption)

Monash University

Project Description:

A central feature of the History of Adoption research being undertaken is collection of life stories from member of the public who have had experience with the adoption process. These stories may be in the form of text or sound files and are mostly submitted directly by the storyteller. Therefore this data capture project focused on automation and streamlining of data capture, metadata capture and publication of these stories. An additional challenge to this process was allowing for the appropriate legal and ethical censorship of stories prior to publication.

The History of Adoption Data Capture solution has provided automation of the following steps in the existing data capture process:
- The process of capturing stories and associated metadata from the website submission form and storing them in a Data Management system.
- The process of generating a story web page with attached story transcript, metadata files in MODS and DC formats and search tags.
- The process of ""publishing"" a story to ARROW, the Monash Library public repository.

Once a story is in the ARROW repository it is public and referenced by the appropriate History of Adoption collection published in Research Data Australia. These collections represent the distinct eras from which stories have been collected and sit under a summary ""History of Adoption"" collection in Research Data Australia. Overall, the solution provided by the History of Adoption Data Capture project has enhanced the research process and provided new research opportunities.

Through ANDS funding and support the History of Adoption research data has been transformed in various ways:
From unmanaged to managed, as evident by:
- Ease and speed in the management of story data and metadata;
- Automation in the handling of research data; and
- Improvement in the storage and processing of sensitive information.

From disconnected to connected, as seen by:
- Research data being semantically linked to its researchers and grants.

From invisible to findable, as shown by:
- History of Adoption stories being discoverable through ANDS Research Data Australia, the History of Adoption site, Monash?s ARROW repository, and Google.

From single-use to reusable, as demonstrated by:
- History of Adoption stories being freely available, for other researchers to use in the study of adoption and other kinds of research.

This project has addressed the problem of simplifying and speeding up a very complex and time-consuming data process. In addition to this as some of the data is of a sensitive nature the act of automating steps has increased security through the removal of potential human error. Technical outcomes developed by this project include processing data through a number of platforms and repositories including Confluence, Mediaflux and Monash?s ARROW repository. In particular the ?Publish to ARROW? functionality developed on Confluence has been built as a global menu option that may be leveraged in future to simplify publication of data from Confluence to ARROW for other projects. Lessons learnt in developing this project are that it is important to work collaboratively with the researcher throughout the project to ensure the solution is relevant and useable. The solution developed for this project has been specifically tailored to allow for manual steps to apply appropriate ethical and legal censorship.

Data Type:

personal adoption story

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