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Data collections can be seen on:!/q=The Australian National University

Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

Approximately 60 instruments are involved. The majority of these are Guralp CMG models (principally C3E and T3E) although a small number of Streckeisen instruments are also used.

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Sensor Networks

Observational Instruments (e.g. from telescope



Metadata Store Solutions

Metadata Feed/Harvest/Publish

Data Repository Solutions

Project Members:

Doug Moncur (Data Source Administrator,

Rahul Khanna (Developer,

Genevieve Turner (Developer,

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Andrew Williams (

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ANU-ANDS Data Capture Project - Earth Sciences

Australian National University

Project Description:

The Seismology group within the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) runs an extensive monitoring and data collection program based on instruments located in various locations around Australia. The instruments log data in instrument specific formats.

Data is typically recorded on SDcards and retrieved manually. The memory cards are returned to Canberra for further processing. Data is downloaded from these cards and converted to the MiniSEED format in common use within seismology. Data is then submitted to the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) repository.

While the full SEED specification files, in common with many data formats, contain both data and an embedded metadata payload, MINISeed files are data only. Metadata is normally stored in dataless SEED format files; that is, SEED format files that contain the metadata payload. Data is currently stored locally on a Unix server within RSES.

Collection metadata in RIF-CS format will be made available via Research Data Australia (RDA) to provide a starting point for the development of an online collection of Australian seismological data.

High Level Software Functionality:

A working feed of records describing Collections and associated Activities, Parties and Service to Research Data Australia

Alignment of Party records University HR, with new researcher descriptions added to the metadata through regular updates from the name authority

Alignment of Party records with the ARDC Party Infrastructure Project, with researcher descriptions contributed to the NLA and with People Australia identifiers recorded against researchers

Alignment of Activity records with University and external sources of truth (Research Office, ARC and NHMRC grant registries), with new research projects added to the metadata through regular updates from the sources of truth

Workflow for registering new Collections in the University

Strategic reporting on contents and coverage of metadata store for internal use

Storage and exposure for discovery of object level metadata, and alignment of object level metadata with collection metadata

Storage and management of technical metadata for object and collection reuse, including software and equipment descriptions, methodology, and data interpretation