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Doug Moncur (Data Source Administrator,

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ANU-ANDS Data Capture Project - Phenomics

Australian National University

Project Description:

The Australian National University (ANU) is lead agent for The Australian Phenomics Network (APN). The 11 university and research institution partners of the APN contribute their expertise and infrastructure for the production of mouse models, as well as providing cryopreservation and pathology services. In addition, the APN is working with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) to develop a framework for Australia’s e-science infrastructure to improve the capture, annotation and dissemination of research data.

The ANU has a number of Phenomics and Genomics research groups. Publication of this metadata to the ANU Data Commons will facilitate the reuse of the data within the ANU and the resubmission of datasets for further analyses both within Australia and overseas.

APN’s core expertise and infrastructure is also extended by key national and international partnerships. The John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) has received EIF funding to further develop its DNA sequencing capability, currently managed within the Australian Cancer Research Foundation Biomolecular Resource Facility (ACRF BRF), and to establish a bioinformatics capability alongside the sequencing facility. Along with support from Bioplatforms Australia and contributions from ANU research areas, this funding will support the establishment of the Genomics Discovery Unit (GDU). The ACRF BRF / GDU will be working with multiple platforms and techniques to meet the genomics needs of the plant, mouse and human research disciplines and provides service to clients across the ANU campus and beyond. The GDU aims to develop a single SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) detection pipeline for the capture, management and distribution of metadata and sequence data for its broad client base.

The objective of this activity is to link the genomic and phenomic data sets through PODD so the metadata and data is discoverable and longevity, use and reuse of the data is ensured.

High Level Software Functionality:

A working feed of records describing Collections and associated Activities, Parties and Service to Research Data Australia

Alignment of Party records University HR, with new researcher descriptions added to the metadata through regular updates from the name authority

Alignment of Party records with the ARDC Party Infrastructure Project, with researcher descriptions contributed to the NLA and with People Australia identifiers recorded against researchers

Alignment of Activity records with University and external sources of truth (Research Office, ARC and NHMRC grant registries), with new research projects added to the metadata through regular updates from the sources of truth

Workflow for registering new Collections in the University

Strategic reporting on contents and coverage of metadata store for internal use

Storage and exposure for discovery of object level metadata, and alignment of object level metadata with collection metadata

Storage and management of technical metadata for object and collection reuse, including software and equipment descriptions, methodology, and data interpretation