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Toby Burrows (Data Source Administrator,

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Mathew Wyatt (

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Organisation of Australian Underwater Video and Still Imagery

University of Western Australia

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As technology for capturing information about marine environments improves and becomes more widespread, the volume of data collected has been increasing by several order of magnitude. Marine researchers in Australia and overseas are using ever more sophisticated imaging technology which is producing valuable data.

The cost of creating this data can be significant and thus it is imperative that its value is fully extracted by sharing it with the wider research community to prevent overlap and find new results that aren't necessarily obvious from smaller data sets.

The need for this project was to create a system for managing video data captured by Baited Remote Underwater Video systems. Data that described the various marine objects and properties (e.g. fish length, fish species, water depth, water temperature, salinity) also needed to be managed. It also needed to maintain a record of metadata that describes the research being conducted, provide information about the relevant grants and organisations and importantly the researchers involved in carrying out studies on the data.