Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

DNA Sequencers (Illumina Solexa GA-II, Roche 454 Genome Analyser)

Project Members:

Marc Wilkins (Project Manager,

Rodney Harrison (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Alan Glixman (

Project Status:


Managing and Sharing Genomic Data

University of New South Wales

Collaborator(s): Intersect

Project Description:

The aim of this project is to build a database in which next generation sequence data and associated metadata can be stored. This will have the following benefits:
a) the consolidation of next – generation sequence data and metadata from three major facilities in three universities
b) the storage of data in a common, agreed format
c) the provision of a single point of entry to this database
c) the exposure of metadata about the sequences for harvesting by ANDS, and the making available (where possible) of the actual sequence data
d) considerable extension of the half-life of the sequence data, facilitating data re-use
e) the capacity to export data; a particular focus would be the preparation of sequences to allow submission to international sequence data repositories (e.g. GenBank) in the required, standard format
f) the common storage place of the data will create a natural focus for Australian nucleic acid sequence data, genomics research and systems biology.

High Level Software Functionality:

angible outputs include:
a) an evaluation of current next-generation sequencing applications and their data storage
b) a software infrastructure for storage and management of next generation sequence data and sample metadata (see comment about metadata above)
c) an internet-based system for users to access and download (if appropriate) their data
d) a means by which data from multiple analyses can be stored as a project and this data can be accessed by collaborators and/or members of a project team
e) a means by which next generation sequencing data can be linked in to the Australian Research Data Commons and made discoverable
f) a means of submitting data to international repositories like NCBI GenBank.