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Programming language(s):

Python, LaRDS

Project Members:

Anthony Beitz (Project Manager,

Anitha Kannan (Project Manager,

Russell Sim (Developer,

Mark Cauchi (Microbiology - Micromon), Angelo Iezzi (Business Economics - AQoL), Andrew Perry (Biochemistry - Protein Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), David Boutelier (Geoscience - Particle Imaging Velocimetry Systems), Oded Kleifeld (Biochemistry - Proteomics) (Research Officer, )

Steve Androulakis (Lead Developer, Data Source Administrator,

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:


Development of Metadata Store Infrastructure with a Large Research Data Store

Monash University

Project Description:

"The Large Research Data Store (LaRDS) at Monash now contains nearly 600 TB of research data across diverse disciplines and continues to grow rapidly. Many of the collections are only privately accessible and lack descriptive metadata. Without metadata, it is difficult to search within collections; and being only privately accessible they are difficult to re-use. Some collections which do have metadata attached are still not up to a standard suitable for external publication. Researchers need tools to assist them in extracting metadata from collections, accessing and managing the metadata and datasets, and publishing them so that they are discoverable by the ARDC.
This project has developed the Squirrel solution to integrate with a large institutional research data store (LaRDS in the case of Monash University). Squirrel manages metadata about data collections, including information to support discovery, assessment of relevance, access to and re-use of the data. Squirrel can also provide an automated feed of information to the Australian Research Data Commons in RIF-CS XML form. This solution is generic and therefore can be adopted and easily adapted by other institutions.