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Ulrich Felzmann (Software Maintainer,

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Stefanie Kethers (

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MeCAT: Metadata Capture and Storage at the Australian Synchrotron and ANSTO

Australian Synchrotron

Collaborator(s): ANSTO

Project Description:

Joint project with EIF037.

Both the Australian Synchrotron (AS) and ANSTO provide research facilities to a large number of researchers each year, generating an ever growing amount of research data. Prior to the MeCAT project, this data was stored on local file systems at the facility with the majority of users expected to transfer and manage their data, typically via a USB stick or drive (automated data transfer of data from the Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) beamline at the Australian Synchrotron to a small number of institutions was in place prior to the MeCAT project).

The challenges met by the MeCAT project included:
• choose a technology base to use for the project, either an existing open-source product or start from scratch. The choice was made to use the MyTARDIS ( software initially developed by Steve Androulakis at Monash University.
• help automate management of the data and metadata for the facilities
o for the Small and Wide angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) and Infra-red Microspectroscopy (IR) beamlines at AS
o and the Echidna, Kowari, Platypus, Quokka and Wombat instruments at ANSTO;
• provide convenient remote access to the data for the users of the facilities
• improve metadata capturing, management and search
• facilitate publication of the data and registration in ANDS RDA
• create a community of MyTARDIS users to help maintain and extend the software

Other universities can benefit from the results of the MeCAT project by:
1. Deploying MyTARDIS within the institution, or in collaboration between multiple institutions, to manage research data generated within the institution, such as has been done at Monash University, and is being commissioned at La Trobe University, The University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, The University of Newcastle and The University of Western Australia.

2. Setting up MyTARDIS and VeRSI’s VBL to automate the transfer of data from the facilities to the institution, as is happening between the Synchrotron and Monash University. The VBL software provides a web based portal to various services at the AS including: training, scheduling, data access and remote access to some of the beamlines.

Data Type:

spectrum data, images