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Dan Miller (Data Source Administrator,

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Julia Martin (

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Water Resources Observation Network (WRON) Data Management Project


Project Description:

The CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, Sustainable Yields project gathers information on the Murray-Darling Basin and provides the most comprehensive estimates of how much water is available now and how much is likely to be available in 2030, inclusive of factors such as climate change and land use.
Much of the data collected can be made available to the wider science communities. This project proposes to develop tools required to automate the capture of these data collections, develop metadata for harvesting into the Australian Research Data commons (ARDC) to increase their discoverability and potential for re-use. It will include:
- Development of data translation toolsets and implementation of metadata standards, to ensure that valuable science data assets are more easily discoverable and more readily reused.
- Put in place infrastructure to allow direct access to datasets allowing researchers to either upload subsets of data direct to their desktop or copy complete datasets utilising ARCS data fabric infrastructure to appropriate advanced scientific compute facilities.
- Establish a Water Research community data registry/repository building on the capabilities developed in both CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research/TPAC and AuScope initiatives.
- Establish middleware systems that track and inform researchers about the licensing arrangements for each of the datasets CSIRO holds. Where licence arrangements prevent direct access to data the system will inform the researchers of who owns the data and their contact details.
- The population of the CSIRO repository with metadata describing data sets from the Sustainable Yields Project and the subsequent harvest and population of metadata in to the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) and the Water Resources Observation Network.

Data Type:

sensor observational data on the Murray-Darling Basin

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Wider water and Environment Science