Data collections can be seen on:!/group=Bioplatforms Australia/

Instruments where data are captured/transferred from:

ISA-tab files (see

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Project Members:

Dominique Gorse (

Pierre-Alain Chaumeil (

Anne Kunert (

ANDS Contact:

Andrew White (

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RDA Publishing Tool for BioPlatforms Australia - EIF039 Component C

University of Queensland

Collaborator(s): QFAB, BPA

Project Description

BioPlatforms Australia (BPA) has funded a number of datasets generation initiatives around important research themes and scientific challenges faced by Australian researchers to provide a unique public resource for the benefit of Australian life sciences research. These large scale genomic, proteomic and metabolomic datasets are being generated and centrally managed by Bioplatforms Australia in collaboration with leading scientists, research institutes and government agencies.

With the support of ANDS, QFAB has developed this web application to enable the publication of these datasets to Research Data Australia (RDA). By login in, BPA can upload ISA-Tab descriptions of their studies and can edit, manage and publish their collection descriptions to Research Data Australia.

Data Type:

Genomic, Proteomic and Metabolomic data

High Level Software Functionality:

- Parse uploaded ISA-Tab files and capture metadata
- Store metadata required to build collection level descriptions
- Allow user to enter extra metadata such as URL linking to the primary data entries, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research - Classification (ANZSRC) for Fields of Research (FOR) and Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) Codes and Collection Rights
- Automated generation of compliant RIF-CS xml files including persistent identifier, BPA collection description, link to landing page, ANZSCR Codes and Collection Rights
- Publishing BPA Collection by exposing the generated RIF-CS files as items in an OAI data repository and make those available for harvesting by RDA
- Edit provided metadata
- Edit published BPA Collections and republish those
- Delete private (unpublished) BPA Collections
- Security login to BPA Collection Management