Project Members:

Dr. Roger Proctor (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Stefanie Kethers (

Project Status:


Improving access to shelf and coastal data and models through MARVL

Integrated Marine Observing System

Project Description:

The objectives of this project would be:
1) To assemble existing shelf and coastal data available in IMOS, AODN and elsewhere into a coherent data collection, transform this into a model - compatible form, create a national shelf and coastal data atlas, and improve web service delivery of these data within MARVL;

2) Equip MARVL to run more computationally - intensive simulations by improving cloud usage and establishing a HPC option;

3) Provide MARVL with a way of assigning provenance metadata and
persistent identifiers (PIDs) to generated datasets, nominally through linkage to the ANDS DataCite service.