Project Members:

Siddeswara Guru (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:

In Progress

CoESRA: Co llaborative environment for E cosystem S cience R esearch and A nalysis


Project Description:

This project will demonstrate the use of an existing workflow environment and leverage eResearch infrastructure for synergistic use of ecosystem and biodiversity data for complex analysis that can be repeatable. The complex analysis may involve number of data transformation, harmonisation and refinement steps leading to integration, and use of different standards as well as customised algorithms to derive re-usable knowledge. The project will enable a research community to share their analysis tools and experiments that would be useful for others to re-run for analysis and repeatability purposes. The collaborative environment will be made available to the community as a “Desktop as a service” through NecTAR cloud infrastructure. The project will demonstrate a cost effective way of providing an environment to use different data infrastructure for synergistic, repeatable, reproducible science as well as maximising the value of previous investments in e-infrastructure.