Project Members:

Ryan Fraser (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Mingfang Wu (

Project Status:


Connecting RDSI, NeCTAR and ANDS via Provenance


Collaborator(s): GA

Project Description:

The Project: “Connecting RDSI, NeCTAR and ANDS via Provenance” has firstly established and deployed a Provenance Service based on PROMS, to support the requirements for transparency of any processing undertaken by the Virtual Hazard Impact & Risk Laboratory (VHIRL – NeCTAR funded project) and secondly, demonstrated connectivity between ANDS, RDSI and NeCTAR.

A “Provenance” workflow was utilised to highlight that the NeCTAR-funded Virtual Laboratory – VHIRL seamlessly “connects” key investments from the NCRIS and Super Science funding tranches.

The Provenance service that the eRIC03 Project established has been integrated within VHIRL to capture workflow provenance, thus establishing a method for transparency for data and modelling tools used in the natural hazards domain. The Provenance Service enables VHIRL to capture ALL aspects of any workflow completed within its environment and then publishes the content via W3C PROV-O (the international provenance output standard) to a provenance store using a service (PROMS).

The provenance information capture includes details such as:
- User information (obtained from AAF credentials);
- Input data used within a process (stored on RDS storage);
- Accessed via services (typically hosted on NCI and the NeCTAR Cloud or NSP resources);
- Data accessed is then sent via the workflow to NeCTAR computational cloud for processing;
- Result data is stored in temporary stores on NeCTAR;
- User then can “Publish” the results to a community registry (part of VHIRL), provenance information that supports the results to is also published; and
- The registry is discoverable/harvestable via ANDS.

This workflow demonstrating the connectivity is illustrated in the Presentation (