Project Members:

Dr. Yeshe Fenner (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Mingfang Wu (

Project Status:

In Progress

All Sky Virtual Observatory

Austronomy Australia Limited (AAL)

Project Description:

Capitalising on the early successes of the recently launched NeCTAR All Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO), this project aims to support the usage of astronomy data access services across the emerging astronomical data fabric, through three sub-projects:
1. Enhanced data standardisation, validation, import and publication service
2. Improved data and workflow capture and sharing capability
3. Accelerated delivery of SkyMapper data to Australian-based astronomers

Together these improvements will:
1. Improve scientific reproducibility through improved capture and publication of science workflows and data provenance
2. Improve the use and re-use of the ASVO framework and expand the user community
3. Increase collaboration between researchers, who can more easily share workflows and data
• Increase the adoption of data standards and best practices by the astronomy community
• Ensure that the scientific return from the ASVO infrastructure will be realised much earlier than would otherwise be possible.