Project Members:

Dr. Ben Evans (Project Contact,

Dr. Jingbo Wang (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Mingfang Wu (

Project Status:


Data Publishing for National and International Collaboration


Project Description:

A facility for the publication of climate and weather data to Australian and International colleagues. Data publishing requires sufficient controls for registration and cataloging of collection, assignment of digital object identifiers, asset labels and handles, revision control, quality assurance and control, data license and distribution management, and user registration and data producer access rights management.

The project has implemented:

* Interactive metadata catalogue creation tool, which allow single and bulk uploading. The tools give flexibility to create community standard profiles. Automated metadata import tools and export to the NCI GeoNetwork.

Two interactive modes of tools were developed to assist users with importing the metadata: manually import a single metadata record using the web interface; or bulk upload multiple records using one of the CSV templates that are provided on the website. The templates are extensible to accommodate other widely use metadata elements.

* Design and implement the interface to the NCI catalogue system.

The website provides a data entry interface for the Data Management Plan (DMP) that creates the collection/series level of catalogue system from DMP.

* Develop the tools to read the NetCDF-CF self-describing file header (used by CWSLab) and map those information into the metadata schema, and then import into the catalogue system. The tools will be designed to be extensible to a broader range of self-describing data. The tools also provide options to save as JSON or other portable format for easy transfer purposes.

Tools were developed to read a self-describing file header (e.g., NetCDF) and map the information into the metadata schema ISO 19115 that then writes XML and/or JSON.

* Implement DOI API minting services and automate the DOI minting process.

NCI developed the capability to mint and update DOIs for its own data collections and derived products using an API to the ANDS CiteMyData Service. As an extension, an automated tool was developed to extract the elements required and insert into the DOI minting service. The metadata required by the DOI minting services is stored in the NCI catalogue.

* Tools will be developed to provide data that can be incorporated into the data provenance tracking system as part of the NeCTAR Provenance Capture Project.

The Provenance Management System (PROMS), a provenance PROV-O repository and reporter, was installed at NCI and it is available for further research. An initial version was developed under the ANDS eRIC03 Project (Connecting RDSI, NeCTAR and ANDS via Provenance).