Project Members:

Hamish Holewa (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Stefanie Kethers (

Project Status:

In Progress

Developing a connected data integration and production infrastructure for Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory

Griffith University

Project Description:

The Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) is an online platform that allows researchers to model the change in biodiversity through climate change response. The BCCVL makes complicated biodiversity modelling significantly more efficient, easy and fast.

This project will significantly enhance the ability of the BCCVL to integrate and utilise existing datasets and publish BCCVL outputs. The BCCVL will also collaborate with TERN to make available Gross Primary Productivity datasets to enable biodiversity and climate change researchers to accelerate research into the exploration of ecosystem productivity and climate change and the impact on species distribution and trait modelling.