Project Members:

Dr. Andrew Janke (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Xiaobin Shen (

Project Status:

In Progress

ImageTrove Centre for Advanced Imaging

Centre for Advanced Imaging / University of Queensland

Project Description:

The National Imaging Facility has a commitment to best practise data management, curation and ingest into appropriate national metadata services. This commitment so far has seen the development of the Neuro-CVL (Characterisation Virtual Laboratory) that is integrated with HPC at MASSIVE in Melbourne and NeCTAR on a national scale.

This project will enable the NIF to provide a very low resistance path for NIF users’ data to be ingested into well curated and managed data systems such as OMERO, Mediaflux LiveArc, DaRIS and myTARDIS. This path will directly feed into existing national efforts such as the CVL.

The project will develop an AAF authenticated glue layer between the
geographically distributed NIF instruments and RDSI based national level storage allocations. As part of this transfer process the data itself and associated metadata will be converted from proprietary formats to commonly available open source alternatives such as NifTI, MINC and OMERO. This process will be promoted within NIF as the
default pathway for all data such that users can gain the benefits of data provenance, availability to CVL and provide a more transparent
pathway for metadata to RDA. (Research Data Australia). The project will make use of RDSI storage allocations and NeCTAR for compute resources on a node basis.

This same glue layer will also allow users to view and download their data online via AAF credentials. This will allow NIF users to spend less time managing proprietary file formats, backup and data transfer.