Project Members:

Professor James Rowe (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Alan Glixman (

Project Status:

In Progress

Sheep CRC Information Nucleus Database

Sheep CRC

Project Description

The Sheep CRC operates as part of the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s CRC program. It is a collaboration of over 40 organisations from across industry, government and the commercial sector, and includes producer groups, farm advisers, universities and research organisations, meat processors and retailers.

A central component of all three of the CRC’s research Programs is the Information Nucleus database. Data for this Program has been collected since 2007 and includes measurement on a very wide range of phenotypic parameters including animal health and wellbeing, productivity, and product quality for over 20,000 sheep.

The aim of this project is to build capability for CRC Participants and an even broader range of researchers to be able to use the database and explore the environmental components contributing to variation of phenotypic parameters.

To achieve this goal, the first step will be to connect data collected on environmental and management inputs with the phenotypic and genomic information in the main database. The job of converting data from unstructured monthly reports to the main database is quite significant (data is available from 8 sites x 5 years x 3-6 management group per site).

The scope of the proposed project will also include developing a framework for data licensing to ensure that there is widespread access to the database while preserving aspects of the data that are commercially sensitive.

The project will ensure that there is a long-term hosting solution, combined with publication of metadata descriptors and collection protocols, to provide reference information for future users of this valuable resource.