Project Members:

Lisa Dube (Project Manager,

Neil Kileen (Research Platforms,

Stephanie Li (Information Manager, Biobanks,

Toni Merritt (Schizophrenia Biobank Database Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Richard Ferrers (

Project Status:

In Progress

CRC for Mental Health - Biobanks

CRC for Mental Health

Collaborator(s): University of Melbourne, Florey Institute

Project Description

The Mental Health CRC would like to showcase the rich data collections that have been created using the CRC funding and make these discoverable and re-usable both during the life-span of the CRC and beyond. This also provides benefits for further research improving treatment and attracting international collaboration. The data in the Biobanks are of great interest to business and industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry. This sector is very keen for access to datasets to be streamlined so that they can use large scale data mining approaches across many datasets. In general, this is seen as pre-competitive research by industry, with a variety of consortia having been formed to look at various disease areas. By making the biobanks consistent and available, it makes participation much easier.

This project will focus on two data collections:
(1) the Australian Parkinson's Disease Registry, and
(2) Treatment-resistant Schizophrenia Cohort.
The first has data housed on VicNode storage (Mediaflux) and is managed by Unimelb, Research Platforms. The second has data and scanned images at the University of Melbourne, Neuropsychology Centre. Both of these data collections will not be openly accessible as they contain identifiable information, but there are committees to approve access to the biobanks.

The project aims to:
(1) make the two biobanks richly described, well connected, discoverable and accessible, ready for re-use in further research and for business and industry partners to access, and
(2) to build a framework and undertake all required activities to prepare for custodianship and management of the data beyond the lifetime of the CRC (mid 2018).

Data Type:

Biobank biomarkers for mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease