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Project Members:

David Roder (Project Coordinator,

Nicole Sargent (Project Officer,

Carol Holden (Senior Project Officer,

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Kerry Levett (

Project Status:

In Progress

Connecting registry and administrative health data to combat Colorectal cancer

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

Project Description

There is a pressing need to set up connections between registry data and administrative health data and test the quality and utility of these linked data such that results will have credibility as research contributions and for health-service performance assessment. This project will link Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)/Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and other Commonwealth data with Cancer Registry data, using the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) data linkage unit. The data will be made available for analysis in the Commonwealth-funded remote-access facility SURE.

The linked data will be essential to evaluate and improve health-system performance as part of a new SA-wide initiative, the “Beat Bowel Cancer” project, undertaken through the NHMRC designated SA Academic Health Science and Translation Centre, to cut colorectal cancer deaths by 2030.

The project is a landmark breakthrough for gaining access to health-system wide and population-based databases in Australia for research, health service planning and evaluation, and for monitoring effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and equity in service delivery. The project will support a change in thinking about the sharing of linked data through the correct channels and ensuring linked data can be re-used to support better health outcomes.

Data Type:

Colorectal cancer registry and administrative (e.g. medicare and PBS) data