Project Members:

Prof Craig Johnson (Project Lead)

Daniel Ierodiaconou (Project Manager & Data Analyst)

Peter Walsh (Project Manager & Information And Systems Architecture)

Roger Proctor (IMOS/AODN Project Manager)

Emma Flukes (Data Analyst)

Vanessa Lucieer (Spatial Data Management)

Sebastien Mancini (IMOS/AODN Data Management Support)

Peter Blain (IMOS/AODN Systems Architect)

ANDS Contact:

Angeletta Leggio (

Project Status:

In Progress

SeaMap Australia Connections

University of Tasmania, Deakin University, Integrated Marine Observing System

Collaborator(s): AODN

Project Description

SeaMap Australia has brought together spatial data on benthic marine habitats across the continental shelf. Significant work is underway by the Department of Land Water and Planning and partners in the State of Victoria to integrate data from a variety of sources into a single, usable dataset to contribute to a national coverage product.

The data so far made available by SeaMap are considerably disparate. They are from a number of different sources, are collected for various purposes and are most often mapped using divergent schema. One of the challenges has been integrating these data to produce a nationally consistent and robust product and classification.

This project will consolidate and integrate the products generated through SeaMap Australia and Deakin University, complementing both projects and ensure the usability and sustainability of the datasets produced.

The project will deliver a hierarchical classification ontology that will be applicable Australia-wide for continental shelf marine habitats, use the Victorian data (which are characterised by their diversity, resolution, and extensive spatial extent) as a ‘test case’ and exemplar to demonstrate the capability and utility of underlying SeaMap technology to uptake State data collections, and provide the SeaMap data as an integrated National data layer of the AODN (Australian Ocean Data Network) portal.