Project Members:

Conny Hooper (Project Coordinator)

Harvey Millar (UWA Project Supervisor)

Stephen Tyreman (University Of Adelaide Project Supervisor)

Mathew Lewsey (La Trobe University Project Supervisor,

Brett Williams (QUT Project Supervisor)

Justin Borevitz (HRPPC Project Supervisor)

ANDS Contact:

Angeletta Leggio (

Project Status:

In Progress


University of Western Australia, University of Adelaide, La Trobe University, QUT, High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre (HRPPC)

Project Description

A significant number of data collections in the area of plant biology and agriculture are being organised and made available under the High Value Collections Program. These form a highly catalogued resource collection for further analysis of Australian research in this area. Connecting multiple levels of data to crop genomes, other ‘omic’ resources and associated function, phenotype and population data resources is now a key challenge that this project aims to address.

These Collections include; cropPAL open access collection of agricultural protein location data (UWA), the Crop Transport Information, Physiology and Signaling Database (CropTIPS, University of Adelaide), the large scale RNA-Seq data collection for rice and barley (La Trobe University), the genetic variation data and agricultural parameters of Pulse crops (QUT) and with the NCRIS High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre (HRPPC) data sets of plant population genomics and phenomics.

These Collections span different aspects of crop biology also and hence their direct linkage is hampered currently by species-specific datasets and data-type specific formatting. The current project proposes to adapt the data types and to create connections across species and across data types. At least five distinct collection data-types from the different data collection sites will be linked to a data connector platform using the two methodologies to form an important step towards connecting genotypes to phenotypes across species boundaries in agricultural related collections in Australia.