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Mingfang Wu (

Project Status:

In Progress

A Trusted Research Software Solutions Registry


Project Description

The aim of this project is to improve the trustworthiness of the outputs of research that are not “publications”. The existing provenance infrastructures so far developed in VGL and VHIRL enable both individual objects used in a workflow, and the workflow that links these objects to be uniquely identified.

The project to be undertaken jointly with NeCTAR and the Virtual Laboratories, ensure that there are ways of

1. Publishing data and tools that are more trusted, because the processes that generate them are more visible and transparent;

2. Ensuring attribution of the researcher that contributed to the definition of the workflow; and

3. Where available, linking the Software Solution from published articles and data collections generated by use of the Solution. This will rely on Persistent identifiers already being used in these
publications to support unambiguous citation so that a researcher can measure the research impact of either individual research objects used in the workflow, and/or workflows that show the processing chain that aggregates all these objects into a workflow.

This project would utilise data
provided by the Research Data Services nodes.