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Daniel Miller (Project Manager,

Mikaela Lawrence (Data Librarian,

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CSIRO Trusted Data Repository


Project Description

This project seeks to establish the CSIRO Data Access Portal as an accredited Trusted Data Repository in order to support the organisation’s participation in collaborative research.

Using water research data as a test case, CSIRO will investigate and address the internationally agreed requirements for a trustworthy Data Repository with the aim to acknowledge the trustworthiness of the repository service through certification.

Water data is held by a number of agencies across all levels of Government, statutory authorities as well as various Universities and research institutes. These include but are not limited to local governments, state government agencies, federal agencies such as the Bureau of Meteorology(BoM), Department of Agriculture, Department of the Environment and Energy, authorities such as a the Murray Darling Basin Authority, and finally by various research organisations and Universities. These data are often heterogeneous in nature reflecting the diversity of agencies and jurisdictions that are active in this space.

The goals of this project are to:
- Validate whether or not it is possible for the CSIRO Data Access Portal to gain certification as a Trusted Data Repository, using legacy data holdings for Australian Water Resources Assessments (AWRA) as a use case
- Plan all changes required to the DAP and within CSIRO required to achieve certification

The project will consist of a number of streams of activity, including:

Trusted Data Repository program

This program will:
- Investigate and document whether the CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP) meets the Requirements for Core Trustworthy Data Repository certification issued by the International Council for Science (ICSU) World Data System (WDS) and the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) Board, using the water research data collection as a use case. Deliverable: Report
- Identify and document any required modifications to the CSIRO DAP and associated policies, standards, agreements and procedures required to meet the certification requirements; Develop a plan to implement system changes and changes to policies, standards, agreements and procedures. Deliverables: Report on required modified specifications, standards, procedures and agreements. Plan for implementation of changes.
- Implement any simple modifications. Any system changes that require development should be identified for completion in the next round of the Data Management Capability Enhancement Program (DMCEP) that is funded internally in CSIRO. Deliverables: System changes, specifications, change requests

Water Research Data program

This program will:
- Engage with a selected group of water research data custodians to ingest legacy data holdings for Australian Water Resources Assessments (AWRA) into the DAP; Deliverables: data in DAP, agreements, documentation, processes
- Engage with the Australian Energy and Water Exchange Research Initiative (OzEWEX)community to investigate the feasibility of acting as a Trusted Data Repository for this community and documenting the requirements. Deliverable: Report on requirements
- Identify policies, processes and procedures that may be required to support the holding of water research data; and Deliverable: Report
- Engage with other external entities regarding agreements to host and ingest data where appropriate. Deliverable: Agreements