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Paul Pigram (Lead Researcher - CMSS Project,

Andrew McDonald (Developer - CMSS,

Jim Whelan (Lead Researcher - Genomics Platform,

Andrew Robinson (Senior Bioinformatician - Genomics,

Simon Huggard (Deputy Director, Research And Collections,

Andrew Williams (Senior Research Data Management Coordinator,

Clayton Bolitho (Research Outputs Data Advisor,

Rachel Salby (Senior Officer Discovery Support,

Eva Fisch (Manager Research,

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Kathryn Unsworth (

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La Trobe - Surface Science Collection & Genomics Platform - Large scale RNA sequence data collection

La Trobe University

Project Description

Surface Science Collection
The Surface Science data collections are an outcome of interdisciplinary research conducted at the Centre for Materials and Surface Science (CMSS) at La Trobe University. Physics, chemistry and materials science converge at CMSS, which offers world-class capabilities in nanocharacterisation focused on the surface science, analysis, imaging and synchrotron domains.

The project will enable wide exposure of and access to well-described and connected data collections derived from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and time-of-the-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) data. These data may comprise spectra, maps and depth profiles for reuse for research, industry partnerships and education.

The project will also work towards classifying different data types to enable data interpretation, classification and visualisation tools associated with these data.

The aims of the project are to:
- enable data to be ingested easily into the CMSS and La Trobe research data management ecosystem
- represent data currently in proprietary formats via standards-based, reusable formats
- generate better links for data into CMSS data analysis environments

La Trobe Genomics Platform - Large scale RNA sequence data collection
A major focus of the scientific program undertaken by the La Trobe Genomcs Platform is gene discovery and functional genomics in major plant and animal species of importance to Victoria and Australia. From this research platform, dynamic data collections of raw data are being created in high-volumes (TBs) along with correlation (analysis) datasets (GBs). Additionally, the research is inter-disciplinary including animal, plant, soil and microbial biosciences, ecology and biodiversity.

The aim of the overall project is to develop a pathway for publishing all data coming from the La Trobe Genomics Platform (initially focusing on data produced by La Trobe researchers). The longer-term project will look at appropriate data storage, development of a web query interface for handling aggregate data queries from a big picture focus to quite granular and specific gene questions. The RiceDB will be the starting point, with the possible inclusion of Barley data in later phases.

The focus will be the FASTQ Raw data, count data, metadata, and linking the data to publications. The project will connect existing data such as the booking information (people), experiment design, sequencers used and settings, and output data (gene sequences).