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Data Repository Solutions

Project Members:

Camilo Jorquera (Project Manager,

Amanda Lawrence (Project Director,

Prof Julian Thomas (APO Chair,

Leanne Whitby (APO Information Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Richard Ferrers (

Project Status:


Connecting the Analysis and Policy Observatory Collection (formerly Australian Policy Online)

Swinburne University of Technology

Project Description

This project will enhance one of Swinburne's most important research and data collections, Analysis and Policy Observatory (APO, formerly Australian Policy Online). The collection is recognised as a key part of Australia's national research infrastructure and won an Australia New Zealand Internet Award (ANZIA) for Information in 2014.

The key elements of this project are to:
* increase the capacity to identify and host datasets and other resources to Swinburne researchers and the wider community including improvements to the data architecture
* establish relationships between data and publications and other entities that will help guide researchers to relevant resources
* improve the interoperability and data reuse between the APO collection and other Swinburne collections and systems such as the library repository, Swinburne ORCID integration and research management systems.

High Level Software Functionality:

Add a dataset to APO repository.