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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Project Members:

Jamie Flynn (Lead Researcher,

Antony Martin (Lead Researcher,

Wil Palmer (Lead Researcher,

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Alan Glixman (

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Virtual Biobank

University of Newcastle

Collaborator(s): Hunter Medical Research Institute

Project Description

The purpose of the UON Virtual BioBank project is to put in place the capability to be able to manage and publish the UON 3D light sheet imaging datasets including making the datasets publicly available and inclusive of rich metadata, creating a Virtual BioBank Collection.

The 3D Tissue Clearing and Lightsheet Microscopy Facility at the University of Newcastle and based at the Hunter Medical Research Institute is a new and innovative development to allow rapid 3D integration of biological systems on a micro and molecular scale. The facility's Clarity Light-sheet Microscope generates rich datasets of 3D tissue sample images.

Images and a wide range of metadata for 20 samples and the thousands of associated images have already been created by the facility. Through this project the metadata for both the samples and the images and also the images themselves will be further transformed and will form an initial tranche of data which will be made available to researchers through the facility’s new Virtual Biobank system. The Virtual Biobank will provide medical researchers with access to the next generation of tissue biobank data and will be Australia’s first open source virtual biobank.

This project is being performed as a component of the broader UoN initiative to establish the 3D Tissue Clearing and Lightsheet Microscopy Facility. Also, this Virtual Biobank project is dependent on a related UoN IT project to establish a production instance of the MyTARDIS system.

Data Type:

3D Lightsheet Microscope tissue images