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Christopher Pettit (Project Lead,

Scott Lieske (Project Manager,

Lindsey Conrow (Developer,

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Ines Hessler (

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Bicycle Network

University of New South Wales

Collaborator(s): AURIN

Project Description

Bicycle Network is ‘a self-funded community organisation, dedicated to getting more people cycling more often’. As part of their Ride2Work campaign, Bicycle Network collects data on regular riders cycling habits to improve the bicycle infrastructures and facilities across Australia. The rides are monitored using RiderLog, an app developed by Bicycle Network for data collection purposes that is free of charge and runs on Android and Apple phones. Collected information are anonymously uploaded to Bicycle Network and used to convince local and state governments to invest more in the infrastructure, particularly in much-frequented bicycle locations.

For scientific and advocacy purposes Bicycle Network has granted UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre access to the raw data that cover the time period 2010 to June 2014. Cleaning, standardising and making the data openly available will increase their value and re-usability significantly, support the future city analytics endeavours and encourage more cyclists to ‘donate’ data on their riding habits to build more bicycle friendly cities.

Data Type:

Urban planning