Project Members:

Craig Lewis (Project Lead,

Stephanie Macmillan (Project Manager,

Jitendra Jonnagaddala (Bioinformatics Manager,

Diane Schipp (Data Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Ines Hessler (

Project Status:


The Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Services Prospective Breast Cancer Dataset

University of New South Wales

Collaborator(s): Prince of Wales Hospital

Project Description

The ‘Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) Cancer Services Prospective Breast Cancer Dataset’ is a mature prospective collection of clinical data from over 3500 women with early stage breast cancer treated at POWH since 1995. The dataset is regularly updated in line with research advances and includes clinical follow-ups of up to 15 years. Currently the data is stored in the relational Database Management System MS Access, and includes substantial amounts of patient, clinical, treatment and outcome data, as well as clinical trial information if applicable and available. Curating, standardizing, harmonising and making relevant data from the ‘POWH Cancer Services Prospective Breast Cancer Dataset’ openly available will (1) increase the data’s value and visibility, (2) enhance its usage, (3) encourage national and international researchers, clinicians and other health professionals to make use of a temporally and quantitatively comprehensive resource, (4) increase the recognition of the use of health records for research purposes, (5) promote UNSW at an international level, and (6) strengthen the university’s reputation as an excellence centre in cancer research.

Data Type:

Medical/clinical data