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Carolien van Ham (Project Manager,

Maude Frances (Library Liaison,

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Ines Hessler (

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Data on Elections, Democracy and Autocracy (DEDA)

University of New South Wales

Collaborator(s): Australian Data Archive

Project Description

Political Science research at the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) School of Social Sciences tackles historical, comparative and theoretical perspectives on government and the distribution of power at a global and national level. It enables understanding of the processes, causes and effects of national and international governmental changes, democracy and economy as well as globalisation, peace and conflict.

Carolien van Ham, Lecturer at the UNSW School of Social Sciences, has collected an extensive dataset on elections, democracy and autocracy (DEDA) and is currently developing further data collections on domestic election observers and electoral management bodies. Making these datasets openly available will (a) increase the usage of the data by academics, students, practitioners and policymakers, (b) increase the visibility of UNSW research in these areas, and (c) support future grant applications and research collaborations with other, national and international, institutions.

Data on the quality of elections will contribute to the understanding of the cause of variation in election quality and the consequences for functioning of governments and democratisation processes. Investigations on electoral quality and related processes have only very recently been picked up by academia resulting in a comparably small number of available datasets and a large number of unanswered questions that will need to be addressed in future research.

Data Type:

Election data